Pretreatment Plants and Filtration System

Pretreatment Plants and Filtration Systems

The objective of pretreatment process is to improve the quality of feed water. It is done prior to the main process to protect the more sensitive downstream process units whose efficiency may be severely affected by untreated raw water.

We offer a wide range of pretreatment plants and filtration systems that make the feed water suitable for downstream processes and operations, viz.

  • Clarifiers & Flocculators
  • High Rate Solids Contact Clarifiers (HRSCC)
  • Tube Settler & Lamella Clarifiers

Clarifiers and Flocculators

Clarifiers and flocculators are proven methods employed to free the feed water from any suspended contaminants. We deliver advanced clarifiers and flocculators that enable optimized particle coagulation and flocculation.

High Rate Solids Contact Clarifier (HRSCC)

The clarifiers offered by us use innovative technique, thereby offering efficient feed water clarification and achieving greater throughput compared to conventional clarifiers in a smaller footprint enabling improved performance at reduced costs.

Tube Settler and Lamella Clarifiers

Lamella clarifiers and tube settlers too are based on innovative technologies. By creating an inclined settling surface, they increase the basin settling area to clarify feed water from suspended and colloidal particles.

Filtration Systems

Filtration systems are employed to remove minute particles from the feed water through fine physical barriers, chemical or biological processes.

Our extensive range of filtration systems is designed to cater varied requirements – right from multiple-valve and manual systems to automatic and remotely operated systems. The systems offered are available in different MOC like FRP, MS, MSRL etc.

Activated Carbon Filter

The activated carbon filters are used to remove chemical and organic contaminants from water by adsorption. The principle media - activated carbon, is an extremely porous media that adsorbs organic colloids often present in raw water, thereby rendering it odour-free. Other supporting media include pebbles of various sizes, crushed gravel and silex. We offer activated carbon with iodine value of 450, 600, 900 and 1200.

Iron Removal Filter

Our advanced iron removal filters effectively remove iron from the feed water. These filters employ manganese dioxide as the principal media supported by pebbles of various sizes, crushed gravel and silex. Manganese dioxide, which is a strong oxidizing agent, helps in catalyzing the precipitation of iron in water and subsequently traps the precipitated iron in the filter bed.

Dual Media Filter / Sand Filter

These filters use depth filtration technique to remove turbidity and minute suspended solids from feed water. We offer high performance dual media filters using quartz-grade sand and anthracite as the principal filtration media supported by pebbles of various sizes, silex and crushed gravel to filter out the turbidity and suspended solids. These filters employ bed of anthracite at the first level where initial coarse filtration is done, followed by a sand bed filter that provides twice the dirt-loading capacity of pressure sand filters achieving depth filtration and high performance.