Zero Liquid Discharge Plant

Next Gen Solutions For Zero Liquid Discharge Plants

The commonly used membranes for water purification don’t provide an actual barrier against targeted contaminants. MF (Micro Filtration) & UF (Ultra Filtration) handle these more effectively but don’t have the capability to remove dissolved contaminants such as arsenic, salt, pesticides, industrial waste, etc. for which RO membranes are widely used. These however have been faced with chronic problem of fouling due to inorganic salts, organic matter, bio fouling, insoluble matter etc.

The result is that ‘Pre-Treatment’ becomes more costly and maintenance intensive than the actual RO system itself. The output recovery also reduces with time, resulting in increasing concentrate stream volume, in turn increasing the cost of operating ZLD plant.

In order to overcome these limitations, EconoPure™ - LFNano™ system has been patented and developed. It enables removal of selective contaminants out of water (particularly waste water) while maintaining highest quality treatment in a simple to operate, cost effective package.

About LFNano™ Technology

The LFNano™ membrane system combines three innovative features:

  • Specialized low fouling NF membrane element
  • Particulate coating/injection
  • Feed water velocity control

These three features work together to reduce fouling by:

  • Reducing the hydraulic resistance of standard elements
  • Introducing specialized particulates onto the membrane surface as a protective barrier
  • Maintaining consistent cross flow velocity

Due to above features the technology finds a large and ready use in ZLD & Recycle/Reuse application particularly due to high permeate recovery as compared hitherto membranes available.

The Unique EconoPure™ LFNano™

  • Proprietary low-fouling membrane system
  • First with “Direct Particulate Injection” (DPI)
  • First membrane system with online cleaning
  • First with proprietary ‘open architecture’ element
  • Array of six different NF membrane from which to choose
  • Simplest osmotic membrane system on the market