Advanced Oxidation Unit

Advanced Oxidation Units

Advanced Oxidation Technology purifies water by generating sufficient hydroxyl radicals for effective water purification. The hydroxyl radical (OH) is a very powerful oxidant, which rapidly oxidizes most organic compounds.

We provide effective Advanced Oxidation Units that are made in conformance with various industry standards and offer maximum operational efficiency. Our units provide protection to the extent of 1PPM (99.999%) against harmful microorganism.

Our technology utilizes the ability of light combined with photo-catalytic semiconductor surfaces (Titanium Oxide) to produce free hydroxyl radicals. The hydroxyl radicals have 33% higher Redox potential than Ozone and 50% higher than Hydrogen Peroxides, and therefore are very potent at breaking down harmful microorganisms and other pollutants.

Unique Features

  • Chemical-Free Green Technology
  • The products handle water flows from a 3 m3/hour to several thousand cubic meters per hour and are scalable.
  • The purifiers enable large water and energy savings and replace or drastically reduce the use of chemicals.
  • Few consumables and less wear and tear on the water distribution system caused by chemicals and heated water
  • Products are modular, making them easily placed in different water purification systems and adjustable according to the desired degree of purification and flow.
  • Fail safe - Alarm function (optional). One outlet from the control box makes it possible to connect an alarm function (audible or visible), or a monitoring system to provide warning if the light source ceases functioning.
  • World Class European Technology – Superior quality and long lifetime